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Paediatric Care

Best Child Specialist in Jalandhar

We have all the facilities with the latest technology & the Best child specialist in Jalandhar. The hospital has a Level III NICU, a 14-bed unit with a capacity to ventilate four babies at a time. The department was established in 2011 and received referrals from all over the city and surrounding areas. The department has already set a benchmark in ensuring the survival of extremely premature babies. It has established its credentials in saving the most minor and sickest babies weighing up to 650 grams.

The services we provide:

  • Level III NICU with ventilators, Cpap, HFNC machines, BiPap.
  • LED Phototherapy Machines
  • Incubators / open care Radiant Baby Warmers
  • Facilities for Exchange Transfusion for neonatal hyperbilirubinemia
  • Surfactant Therapy

The Facilities provided at KMH

Our Best Nicu in Jalandhar has state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities:
  • The latest incubators include Giraffe incubators.
  • Latest generation ventilators.
  • 24-hour consultant level Neonatologist cover
  • General Paediatric and PICU
  • Our 24-hour Emergency Department is equipped to handle paediatric emergencies, including injuries, trauma, burns, poisoning, infectious diseases, seizures asthma etc.

As one of the best Neonatal specialists in Jalandhar, we are dedicated to presenting family-centered care. Families and healthcare professionals work together as partners and thrive to achieve final quality results in your toddler. Our experienced team of doctors is helpful, dedicated and skilled in providing complete health care with omnipresent smiling faces. We manage a child’s total physical, mental, and emotional well-being under our supervision at every stage of his development, in both sickness and health. At KMH Kamal Multispecialty hospital, we’re united using a compelling mission: We provide hope, care and cures to help each child live the healthiest and most pleasurable life.


This is the identity of the best paediatricians in Jalandhar when they have the facilities like

Our paediatric care services

Paediatric care services are a medical home for your child. We learn all we can talk about your child’s health history, social behavior, medications and any specialists they have consulted. This knowledge helps build a lasting relationship between patient and doctor that focuses on your child’s well-being and integrates services. The services we offer include:

  • Health checkups and disease Screening for children
  • Immunizations and yearly flu shots
  • Sick visits/same-day appointments are available
  • Treatment of minor injuries and illnesses
  • Examinations of new patients and newborns
  • Comprehensive health care and counselling for adolescents 
  • Care for children with disabilities
  • Assessment and counselling for behavioral, emotional and learning problems
  • Specialized care for asthma, mental health and obesity
  • Developmental testing and screening
  • School, sports and camp examinations
  • Health forms for schools and daycare centres
  • Breastfeeding and infant feeding support
  • Hearing and vision screening