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Becoming a parent is the dream of every married couple. But often, such serious health problems come in the husband and wife, due to which their dream of becoming a parent remains incomplete. IVF technique has become a boon for married couples through which a woman can fulfill her unfulfilled dream of becoming a man. Kamal Multispeciality hospital is proud to perform this procedure, and as the Best IVF centre in Jalandhar, the IVF technology we use is the best in the industry. On the one hand, the sounds of newborns have resonated in many homes, while on the other hand, the relationships of many families have been saved from breaking. In vitro fertilization (IVF) helps with fertilization, embryo development, and implantation. Thus you’ll get pregnant.



How will IVF work?

It’s one of the additional broad best-known types of assisted reproductive technology (ART). By combining medicines and associated surgical procedures, it facilitates the fertilization of an egg by the gamete and facilitates the placement of the fauna in the womb by the fauna. 

At Kamal Multispecialty Hospital, the fantastic IVF center in Jalandhar First, you take medication that creates many of your eggs to mature and prepare for fertilization. Then the Doctor takes the eggs out of your body and mixes them with sperm in the lab. Then they place one or more fertilized eggs (embryos) into your womb. This is when pregnancy happens if any of the embryos implants within the lining of your uterus.


The fertility specialist in Jalandhar uses several practical steps, and it takes many months to finish the entire method. It generally works on the first try. However, many people need more than 1 round of IVF to get pregnant. IVF undoubtedly will increase your probability of getting pregnant. However, there’s no guarantee — everyone’s body is different, and IVF won’t work for everybody.


What are the side effects of IVF?

Like all medications and medical procedures, infertility treatment in Jalandhar has risks and side effects. These include:

  • Bloating
  • Cramping
  • Breast Tenderness
  • Mood Swings
  • Headaches
  • Bruising from Shots
  • Allergic Reaction to Medicines
  • Bleeding
  • Infection

 If you feel any discomfort or other irregularity regarding IVF, we suggest you immediately talk to your Doctor. IVF is an emotional method to perform. We have seen many couples suffering from emotional effects during IVF procedures, and their family got involved emotionally in this procedure. Many people undergoing IVF treatments struggle with depression and anxiety throughout the process. So, you need to have fully prepared for all the positive & negative effects of IVF. 

How much will IVF cost?

IVF tends to be an expensive procedure. The fees for one cycle of IVF treatment by the best IVF specialist in Jalandhar embrace medicines, procedures, anesthesia, ultrasounds, blood tests, lab work, and embryo storage. The precise value of one IVF cycle varies in some places. It starts from 10 lac INR to 15 lac INR.