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Best Dieticians in Jalandhar

With a healthy diet, the body receives adequate nutrition, fluid, micronutrients, macronutrients, and calories, so your diet will no longer be bland. The best dieticians in Jalandhar, the expert dieticians of Kamal Multi-specialist Hospital, will plan your diet according to your health needs. We use the principles of Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) for the preventive and therapeutic care of health problems. Soon after sticking to a consistent routine and following their instructions, you will feel the positive signs in your health.

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The Diabetes Diet

Controlling, preventing, and even reversing diabetes can be accomplished through healthy eating. Diabetes Type 1 & Type 2 patients need a balanced diet.

Only Natural & Healthy Products

Vitamins are found in unprocessed plant and animal foods full of essential nutrients.

Important Lifestyle Interventions

Diet and exercise can be modified to improve lifestyle.


 “We plan the diet as a therapy, not to lose weight.”

Arranging a Nutrition plan

Our bodies absorb the food we eat and use it to grow and maintain them.

  • The adequacy of the foods
  • The inclusion of whole grains
  • Make sure you don’t overeat fat.

A diet training program is available for people with diabetes type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes. Our Best dietician in Jalandhar prepares meal planning using various kinds of insulin or oral hypoglycemic agents as part of the training.

  • Meal planning for type 1 diabetes- use of carbohydrate counting (1-day program)
Corporate Programs
  • A healthy lifestyle and balanced diet lead to a healthy you
  • We conduct corporate lectures for employees on health-related themes
  • How to eat healthily and stay fit
  • Prevention of metabolic/ lifestyle diseases
  • Healthy food selection and cooking tips
Our Diet Plans

We have customized diet plans available for all types of patients. Every person’s problems are different, and their diet is also designed keeping in mind their health problems. Some of our exclusive diet plans are:

  • Diet Plan for Cancer
  • Diet Plan for Cardiac
  • Diet Plan for Thyroid
  • Diet Plan for Paediatric
  • Diet Plan for Pregnancy
  • Diet Plan for Weight Gain
  • Diet Plan for Weight Loss
  • Diet Plan for Brain Disorder
  • Diet Plan for PCOS
  • Diet Plan for Renal Diseases
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Special Diet Plan for Celebs