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The Directorate General (DG) of Shipping in India is responsible for implementing shipping laws and policies to guarantee the safety of people and ships at sea. The Directorate also promotes maritime education, preventing marine pollution, and the International Maritime Organization training. The activities of the Directorate also look after the matter of regulation of employment along with the welfare of seamen that involves the development of coastal shipping, the augmentation of shipping tonnage, examination and certification of seafarers, and other related tasks.



The Directorate General of Shipping appoints specific medical examiners who can conduct medical examinations of Indian seafarers who work on Indian flag ships following the relevant positions of the Merchant Shipping Act 1958 and the rules framed under it. The dg shipping doctor in Jalandhar receives approval from the Directorate General of Shipping based on the prescribed procedure, applicable laws, and notices issued from time to time.


The guidelines that marine candidates must adhere to when showing up for a test for the DG Shipping examination in Punjab are listed below: It will be more convenient for you to arrive at the clinic on time.

  • Two most recent colour passport-sized photos are needed.
  • It is advised that patients should arrive at the clinic at 8 am without eating breakfast to receive accurate test results.
  • Display your most recent medical fitness certificate and complete medical history record.
  • It’s essential to remember that your medical fitness certificate will be valid for 2 years if you are 18 or older. The validity of the same is one year if you are under 18.
  • You must either bring a written request from your employer for a medical exam or give us the name, location, and type of vessel you plan to join.
  • Please get your Continuous discharge certificate (CDC) and a passport copy to verify your identity.
  • You must complete the employee declaration form wholly and honestly, including any treatments or illnesses you are currently receiving.

We are pleased to announce that the licensed medical examiner in Punjab who has been given the Directorate General of Shipping’s approval is KMH Kamal Multispecialty Hospital in Jalandhar. Therefore, KMH Kamal Multispecialty Hospital certified Dg shipping medicals in Jalandhar can be consulted by those needing a medical exam for the pre-departure medical checkups for the merchant navy without travelling to any other city.